Saint Tryphon of Lampsacus

detail from 'The Exorcism of Saint Trifone', Vittore Carpaccio, 1507Also known as

  • Tryphon of Camposede
  • Tryphon of Campsada
  • Tryphon of Kampsade
  • Tryphon of Lampsakos
  • Tryphon of Phrygia
  • Tryphon the Martyr
  • Trypho…
  • Trifon…
  • Trifone…
  • Tripun…



Raised in a Christian family, his father died when the boy was very young, he was raised by his mother Eukaria, and he worked as a goose-herd in his youth. Had a gift of healing both human and animals. Healed the demonic possession of the daughter of Emperor Gordian III; the demon appeared in the form of a black dog before being forced to admit his deeds and then vanishing. Tryphon’s prayers turned away a swarm of locusts that threatened his village’s grain harvest. A persuasive speaker and catechist, he brought many to the faith, including pagan imperial officials. Arrested, tortured and martyred in the persecutions of Decius.


  • c.222 at Kampsade, Phrygia (in modern Turkey)





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