Saint Tryphillius of Leucosia

detail of an illustration of Saint Tryphillius of Leucosia, date and artist unknown; swiped from Santi e BeatiAlso known as

  • Triphyllius
  • Trifilio
  • Trifillo



Educated in Constantinople. Worked as a lawyer. Convert to Christianity. Spritiual student of Saint Spyridon of Cyprus. Bishop of Leucosia (modern Nicosia), Cyprus. Supported Saint Athanasius of Alexandria in his opposition to Arianism; Saint Athanasius praised Tryphillius for his adherence to orthodox Christianity, so the Arians turned their attacks against him. He lived with no pomp or splendor, and preached every day. Saint Jerome considered him one of the most eloquent Church figures of his day, and he was particularly noted for his commentary on the Song of Songs.



  • 370 of natural causes


  • Pre-Congregation
  • name added to assorted martyrologies in 1573, 1577, and the Roman Martyrology in 1584
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