Saint Tommaso da Cori

detail from a portrait of Saint Tommaso, date unknown, artist unknown; swiped off the Vatican web siteAlso known as

  • Francesco Antonio Placidi
  • Tommaso da Cori
  • Thomas of Cori



Spent his youth as a shepherd. Studied philosophy and theology in Viterbo, Italy. Joined the Observant Franciscans in 1675. Parish priest, assigned to Civitella, Italy. Known for his simple life, his strict observance of the Franciscan way, and his gifts of healing. His preaching, confessions and spiritual retreats, incarnated the evangelical counsel of the total gift of self to God and his fellow men.






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“I’ll take care of myself and my flock I’ll take care of” (Ez 34, 11). Tommaso da Cori, a priest of the Order of Friars Minor, was the living image of the Good Shepherd. As a guide full of love, he has led the brothers entrusted to his care to the pastures of faith, always animated by the Franciscan ideal. In his monastery, he revealed his spirit of charity, showing available to all requirements even the most humble. He lived in the kingdom of love and service, according to the logic of Christ, as sung today’s Liturgy, “sacrificed himself, immaculate victim of peace on the altar of the cross, completing the mystery of human redemption” (Preface of Christ the King). Authentic disciple in the Poverello of Assisi, Saint Thomas of Cori was obedient to Christ, King of the Universe. He meditated and embodied in his life requirement evangelical poverty and the gift of self to God and neighbor. All his life appears as a sign of the Gospel, a testament to the love of the heavenly Father revealed in Christ and acting in the Holy Spirit, for the salvation of man. Pope John Paul II in the canonization homily of Saint Tommaso

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