Saint Theodore Stratelates

19th century engraving of Saint Theodore Stratelates by R Stang; swiped from WellCome ImagesAlso known as

  • Theodore the General
  • Theodore Tyro
  • Theodore the Recruit
  • Theodore Tiro
  • Theodor Tiro of Euchaïta
  • Theodore of Amasea
  • Theodore Teron
  • Theodorus of Heraclea



Roman general (stratelates) and covert Christian during a time of persecution. Exposed as a Christian, a military tribunal decided he was a good soldier who had made a mistake, told him to reconsider, and set him free; he promptly burned down a pagan temple. Arrested again, he was ordered to apostatize, then tortured by having his flesh torn off; he responded by reciting the Psalms. Martyr.

Saint Theodore Tyro is almost certainly the same person as Theodore Statelates. The Tyro story describes the soldier as a recruit, the feast day is 9 November, and the region is slightly different, but the story is the same.





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