Saint Thecla of Iconium

detail of a painting of Saint Thecla by Antoni Szulczynskiego, date unknown; Church of Saint Tekla, Wilczyn, Poland; photographed by Antoni Szulczynski on 13 September 2011; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Tecla
  • Tegla
  • Tekla
  • Protomartyr among women and equal to the Apostles



First century convert in Iconium, brought to the faith by the preaching of Saint Paul the Apostle; her family threw her out. She dedicated herself to God, became a spiritual student of Saint Paul, and assisted him in his travels and works. She was thrown to wild animals as a Christian, but survived; she was sentenced to burn at the stake, but managed to escape. In her later years she retired to live as a hermitess. Because of her sufferings for the the faith, she is considered a martyr though she survived the attempts to kill her. She is mentioned the Prayers for the Dying. She was the subject several fantastic apochryphal writings in the early Church.


  • late 1st century of natural causes
  • buried in Seleucia, Pamphylia, Anatolia (in modern Turkey)


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