Saint Swithbert

Saint SwithbertAlso known as

  • Swithbert the Elder
  • Swithbert of Kaiserswerth
  • Suidbert…
  • Suitbert…
  • Suitbertus…
  • Swibert…
  • Swidbert…
  • Apostle of the Bructeri
  • Apostle of the Frisians



Studied in Ireland with Saint Egbert of Rathemigisi. Benedictine monk. Preacher. Spiritual teacher of Saint Willeic. One of a group of twelve English missionaries led by Saint Willibrord of Echternach who worked in Friesland, a group of islands off the coast of the Netherlands, evangelizing the Frisians and Bructeri. Bishop in 693. Worked with Saint Wilfrid of York. Founded a Benedictine monastery at Werth on the Rhine (modern Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth, Germany) where he lived the rest of his life under the direction of his co-worker missionary, Saint Velleicus who served as the abbot.





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