Saint Stanislas Kazimierczyk

Saint Stanislas KazimierczykAlso known as

  • Louis Scholtis
  • Louis Soltys
  • Stanislas Kazimierz
  • Stanislaw Kazimierczyk



Raised in a pious family, the son of Maciej and Jadwiga Soltys, he received a good education in the faith. Received doctorates in theology and philosophy from Jagiello University, Kraków, Poland. Entered the Canons Regular of the Lateran in 1456, devoting his life to the Eucharist and to the care of the sick and the poor, and taking the name Stanislas Kazimierczyk. Priest, noted as a great preacher and popular confessor. Prior and novice master at his monastery. Professor of philosophy and theology. Friend of Saint John of Kanty. Like many holy people, the people who knew him considered him a living saint while Father Stanislas saw his own life as a constant struggle for holiness.



  • 3 May 1489 in Kazimierz, Lubelskie, Poland of natural causes
  • interred in the church of Corpus Domini, Kazimierz




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