Saint Sola

Also known as

  • Sualo
  • Solo
  • Solus



No information of his early life has survived, and the first we hear of Sola he is a monk in England. He immigrated to Germany where he became a spiritual student of Saint Boniface. Ordained by Boniface. Hermit near Fulda, Germany, and later at Eichstätt, Germany. At each place he attracted would-be students. At Eichstätt there were so many who stayed that Sola founded the abbey at Solnhofen, Germany, for them; he spent the rest of his life there.

An obviously allegorical legend says that one day while riding a donkey, Sola saw a field of sheep with no shepherd; the sheep were attacked by a wolf, Sola ordered his donkey to fight off the wolf, and saved the flock.




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