Saint Simeon of Ctesiphon

Saint Simeon of CtesiphonAlso known as

  • Shemon bar Sabbae
  • Shimoun Barsabae
  • SimeĆ³ bar Sabas
  • Simeon Barsabae
  • Symeon bar Sabba


  • 21 April (Roman Catholic)
  • 14 April (Syrian Church)
  • 17 April (Greek Orthodox Church)
  • 30 April (Melchite Church)
  • Friday after Easter (Syriac Orthodox Church; Assyrian Church of the East)


Son of a fuller. Co-adjutor bishop of Seleucia-Ctesiphon in 316. Patriarch of the Church in the East in 326. During the persecutions of King Shapur II of Persia, Shapur, who did not trust Christians or their connection to Rome, ordered Simeon to collect double taxes from all Christians. Simeon replied that he was a bishop, a man of God and a shepherd of his people, not a tax collector. Martyred with thousands of Christian clergy and laity.



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