Saint Silvinus of Auchy

Also known as

  • Silvinus of Therouanne
  • Silvin….
  • Silvino….



Silvinus spent his youth in the courts of King Childeric II and King Thierry III. On the eve of his marriage, he left for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and decided to turn his back on worldly life. Priest, ordained in Rome, Italy. Regional bishop with his see in Toulouse. Successful travelling evangelist in the area around Thérouanne and Toulouse, and throughout the region that is modern Belgium. Ransomed slaves. In later life he retired to become a Benedictine monk at the abbey of Auchy-les-Moines, Artois, France.



  • 15 February 718 at the abbey of Auchy-les-Moines, Artois, France of natural causes
  • relics translated to Saint-Bertin’s Church at Saint-Omer in 951 to protect them from invading Normans


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