Saint Sigismund of Burgundy

painting of Saint Sigismund of Burgundy, 1360s, by Theodoric of PragueAlso known as



Son of Gunebald, the Vandal king of Burgundy. Spiritual student of bishop Saint Avitus of Vienne. Built the monastery of Saint-Maurice at Agaune in Valais, Switzerland in 515. Married; father of Saint Gistaldo and Saint Gundebado. King of Burgundy in 516.

A Christian by faith, Sigismund had a hot temper, and was still close to his pagan roots. When his son opposed and insulted his second wife during a political dispute in 517, Sigismund ordered the young man strangled to death. Consumed with remorse, Sigismund retired to the monastery of Saint-Maurice to live for years in penance, surrounded by the singing of praise to God, giving largely to the poor, and praying for a way to atone of his act.

Called to lead his troops against invading Franks, the king lost in the field, and Burgundy was over-run. Sigismund put on a monk‘s habit, and hid in a cell near the abbey of Agaunum. He was eventually found, captured, taken to Orléans, and murdered. Honoured by his people as a martyr.





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