Saint Sigiranus

Also known as

  • Cyran
  • Sigiramnus
  • Sigirannus
  • Sigram
  • Siran



Born to the nobility of Berry, France; son of the Count of Bourges, a man who later became bishop of Tours, France. Part of the royal court of Clothaire II, serving as cup-bearer. Feeling a call to the religious life, Sigiranus refused an arranged marriage and took holy orders in Tours in 625. Archdeacon in Tours. Upon his death of his father, Sigiranus gave away his fortune to the poor; because of this, he was certified insane and locked up. Upon his release in 640, he made a pilgrimage to Rome, Italy, working with the serfs in the fields as he travelled. Founded the monasteries of Saint-Pierre de Longoret and Méobecq Abbey (later Saint-Cyran-du-Jambot) in the diocese of Bourges, France on land given to him by Clothaire. Monk and then abbot at Longoret in 655.


  • c.655 of natural causes
  • relics were kept at the abbey of Saint-Cyran until 1860 when Empress Eugénie de Montijo encased them in a reliquary and gave it to the church of Saint-Michel-en-Brenne


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