Saint Sidonius Apollinaris

Saint Sidonius ApollinarisAlso known as

  • Caius Sollius Apollinaris Sidonius



Born to the imperial Roman nobility, son of Apollinaris, Prefect of Gaul. Soldier. Married to Papianilla, the daughter of Emperor Avitus, c.452. Father of Apollinaris. Arrested for political reasons in 457, but was well treated, and after release he eventually rose through the ranks of the new regime. Urban Prefect of Rome in 468 and 469. Roman Patrician. Roman Senator. Reluctant bishop of Clermont, France, chosen more for political than theological reasons. Imprisoned when the Goths under Alaric took Clermont in 474; Sidonius had helped defend his city against the invaders. He was later released and returned to his see where he served the rest of his life. Noted writer and poet; his poetry in particular helped advance his political career. Known for giving of his great wealth to the poor and his support of monasteries.




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