Saint Severinus of Noricum

painting of Saint Severin of Noricum; detail from the altar in the church of San Severin in Naples, Italy; c.1470 by the Master of San Severino; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Severino of Noricum



Born to the Roman nobility. Gave away his wealth to live as a hermit in the Egyptian desert. Though he loved the quiet and contemplative life, he felt a call to spread the faith, and he followed it.

Evangelized in Noricum (part of modern Austria). Hermit near Vienna. Prophesied the destruction of Astura, Austria by the Huns under Attila. Established refugee centers for people displaced by the invasion. Founded monasteries to re-establish spirituality and preserve learning in the stricken region

One winter, the city of Faviana on the River Danube was starving. Following a sermon by Severinus on penance, the ice cracked, and food barges were able to dock, saving the city.

Noted travelling preacher and healer throughout Austria and Bavaria. Established funds to ransom and rescue captives. Ate once a day, less in Lent, went barefoot, ignored the weather, and slept on a sackcloth that he spread on the ground where ever he stopped. Foretold the date of his own death, and died singing Psalm 150.






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