Saint Senoch

statue of Saint Senoch; date and artist unknown; Notre-Dame Church of the Assumption, Tiffauges, Diocese of Luzon, FranceAlso known as

  • Sassena
  • Sassenay
  • Seno
  • Sénoch
  • Senoco
  • Senócus



Son of pagan parents. In his early 20’s he became the spiritual student of Saint Martin de Vertou, and converted to Christianity. Hermit whose wisdom and piety attracted would-be students for whom he founded a monastic community; Blessed Euphronius of Tours consecrated the altar of the monastery church, and ordained Senoch as a deacon. Benedictine monk. Abbot. Ordained a priest at Tours, Neustria (in modern France). A miracle worker with the gift of healing by prayer, he returned to his home town and openly tried to impress people with his power and wisdom; they ran him out of town, he took it as a learning experience, and devoted himself to his house and his own spirituality. Friend of Saint Gregory of Tours who was forced to publicly chastise Senoch for paying more attention to his own spiritual practices than the running of his house or the spiritual growth of his monks.


  • 536 in Tiffauges, Poitou, Gaul (in modern France)




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