Saint Rupert of Salzburg

Saint Rupert of SalzburgAlso known as

  • Rupert of Worms
  • Hrodbert of…
  • Hrodperht of…
  • Hrodpreht of…
  • Robert of…
  • Roudbertus of…
  • Rudbertus of…
  • Ruprecht of…
  • Apostle of Salzburg
  • Apostle to Austria
  • Apostle to Bavaria
  • Apostle to Carinthia



Relative of Saint Ermentrude. Benedictine. Bishop of Worms, Germany. Evangelist to southern Germany. In 696 Theodo, Duke of Bavaria, gave him the ruined town of Iuvavum, which Rupert rebuilt. There he founded the monastery of Saint Peter, serving as its first abbot, and a Benedictine convent. Worked with Saint Chuniald, Saint Vitalis of Salzburg, and Saint Gislar. To support the houses and his missionary work, he promoted the mining of salt, which led to the renaming of the place as Salzburg (salt mountain). Bishop of Salzburg. Considered a confessor of the faith.






  • man holding a container of salt (refers to Salzburg and the salt mining there)
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