Saint Romulus of Fiesole

detail of a portrait of Saint Romulus of Fiesole, c.1430, artist unknown; National Gallery, London, England; swiped off Santi e BeatiAlso known as

  • Romolo
  • Romulo



Converted by Saint Peter the Apostle, he preached throughout central Italy, and served as first bishop of Fiesole, Italy. Martyred with Carissimus, Dulcissimus, and Crescentius by order of governor Repertian in the persecutions of Emperor Domitian.

Later popular fictions describes him as the illegitimate son of Lucerna and her father‘s slave Cyrus, that he was abandoned as an infant, suckled by a wolf, and captured by Saint Peter when Emperor Nero was unable to do so. The story says that after his conversion, and extensive training by Peter and his assistant Justin, Romulus performed extravagant miracles. Though popularly reported, it’s all fiction.





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