Saint Romanus of Le Mans

Also known as

  • Romanus of Blaye
  • Romanus of Bordeaux
  • Romanus of the Garonne
  • Romanus of Tours



Summoned across the Alps to LeMans by his uncle, Saint Julian, missionary bishop of the area, who ordained him. Missionary to the area around the river Gironde. Noted for being backward, shy, introverted, and a lousy preacher, he still made converts one after another, healing, exorcising demons, and quietly bringing the Gospel to the pagans. Worked especially with the sailors of the area.

When Julian died, Romanus returned to LeMans to mourn and to care for his uncle’s tomb. Other people were buried nearby in order to be near a saint, and a group of monks dedicated to caring for the graves, and who called themselves the Grave-Diggers grew up around the churchyard. Romanus joined them, and spent the rest of his days caring for the tombs, bringing the faithful to their final resting place, and bringing the comfort of the faith to the mourners.





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