Saint Rolende of Gerpinnes

detail of an image of Saint Rolende on a banner in the church of Saint-Michel-et-Sainte-Rolende in Gerpinnes, Belgium; date and artist unknown; photographed in May 2015 by Grentidez; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Rolendis



Born a princess, the daughter of King Didier of the Lombards who was in exile after being defeated in battle by Blessed Charlemagne. Feeling a call to a life for God, she fled from an arranged marriage to Prince Oger of Scotland, and planned to enter the Sainte-Ursule convent in Cologne, Germany. However, she fell ill while en route, and died at Villers-Poterie. She was in the village long enough that the people learned her story and recognized her as a holy woman.





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