Saint Richrudis of Marchiennes

illustration of Saint Richtrude, Abbess, from the book 'Saints of the Order of Saint Benedict', designed by Father Amandus LiebhaberAlso known as

  • Richtrude
  • Rictrude
  • Rictrudis



Born to the nobility, the daughter of Ernold. Married to the Frankish nobleman Saint Adalbald of Ostrevant. Her family objected to Adalbald‘s military incursions into their region, and endlessly opposed the marriage. Mother of four – Saint Eusebia of Hamage, Saint Clotsindis of Marchiennes, Saint Adalsindis of Hamay, and Saint Maurontius. The couple dedicated themselves and their fortunes to care for the poor and to religious projects including founding a Benedictine double monastery at Marchiennes, Flanders, Belgium. After Adalbald was murdered, she was pressured by the royal court to remarry. She refused, and with the help of her friend, Saint Amandus, she became a Benedictine nun at the Marchiennes monastery. Abbess there for forty years. Three of her children, Adalsindis, Clotsindis, and Maurontius, lived there in religious life during her time.






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