Saint Richardis of Andlou

Saint Richardis of AndlouAlso known as

  • Richardis of Swabia
  • Richardis of Alsace
  • Richardis de Soabe
  • Richarda…
  • Richarde…
  • Richgard…
  • Richgarda…
  • Richkart…



Daughter of Kenneth I, the Count of Alsace (in modern France) and a Scottish emigre. Sister of King Boso of Provence. Married Charles the Fat at age 22. Crowned Holy Roman Empress in 881.

After nineteen years of marriage, she was accused by Emperor Charles of infidelity, though the reasons behind the claim were likely political. Charles claimed she was involved with the Bishop Liutword of Vercelli. She denied the charges, and even underwent trial by fire, a barbaric ritual that “proved” she was innocent by surviving being placed in the flames. Vindicated, Richardis left Charles, and became a nun the Château de Hohenbourg in Alsace. Founded a Benedictine abbey at Andlau, France in 887, and lived the remainder of her days there.

Legend says that Richardis once found a mother bear grieving over a dead cub in the woods near the abbey. Richardis held the cub, and it returned to life. Both mother and cub became devoted companions of Richardis.




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