Saint Raynald of Nocera

Saint Raynald of NoceraAlso known as

  • Rinaldo



Born to the nobility, the eldest son of the the Count of Postignano. He received a good eduction, and his family expected him to have a life in politics, but Raynald felt a call to religious life. He gave away all his possessions and withdrew from the world to live as a hermit on the mountain of Serrasanta near Gualdo Tadino, Italy. Benedictine Camaldolese monk at Fonte-Avellana, Umbria, Italy. Chosen prior of his monstery. Bishop of Nocera, Italy from 1209 to 1213, he worked in the Roman Curia. Titular bishop of Nocera. Noted for his charity to the poor, he was also involved in the promulgation of Indulgence of Portiuncula in August 1216.




  • popular devotion and reports of miracles begin soon after the death of Raynald
  • Bishop Pelagio Pallavicini approves the cultus in late 1217
  • when his body was discovered to be incorrupt, he was chosen patron of Nocera
  • declared co-patron of the diocese of Nocera in 1448


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