Saint Radegunde

Saint RadegundeAlso known as

  • Radegonda
  • Radegund
  • Rhadegund
  • Radegonde
  • Radigund
  • Radegundes



Princess of Thuringia. Queen of France. Daughter of the pagan king Berthachar of Thuringia. She was given at age 12 to Clotaire I as a hostage after he conquered her father‘s army in 531. The girl converted to Christianity during her captivity, and 540 she was married against her will to Clotaire who then badly mistreated her, partly for being childless. In 555 she finally left him and took the veil from Saint Medard. Deaconess at Noyon, France. She founded the convent of the Holy Cross, Poiters, France; among the many relics in its chapel was a piece of the True Cross. She placed the house under the Rule of Saint Caesarius of Arles, and lived there her remaining 30 years; it became a center of scholarship. Spiritual student of Saint John of Chinon. Friend of Saint Fortunatus, who composed his hymn Vexilla Regis in her honor. She was very active in the affairs of the Church and civil politics, and gained a repuation as a peacemaker. Jesus College in Cambridge was originally dedicated to her.






  • receiving an apparition of Our Lord

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