Saint Radbod of Utrecht

illustration of Saint Radbod of Utrecht, c.1600, artist unknown; swiped from WikipediaAlso known as

  • Radbodus
  • Radboud
  • Ratbod
  • Redbad



Grandson of the last pagan king of the Frisons of the Netherlands. Raised by his uncle Gunther, bishop of Cologne, Germany, and educated at the convent school there. Part of the court of King Charles the Bald. Benedictine bishop of Utrecht, Netherlands in 900, joining the Benedictine order after taking his see, and in order to better govern it, for there was a strong Benedictine influence in the religious orders in his diocese. Noted for his support of the poor. Writer and poet of great intellect; some of his works have survived. He was forced to flee his diocese due to invasion by the Danes, and he lived his last years in exile.


  • c.850 in the Gascony Lomagne region of France


  • 917 at Deventer, the Netherlands of natural causes
  • in 1578 his relics were distributed to churches in Boerhaar, Deventer, Nijmegan and Utrecht in the Netherlands to avoid destruction by Protestants




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