Saint Pulcheria

Saint PulcheriaAlso known as

  • Pulqueria



Daughter of Byzantine Emperor Arcadius and Empress Eudoxia. Her father died when she was 15, and she became regent of the empire on 4 July 414 until her younger brother Theodosius was old enough to rule. Pulcheria took special care of her brother’s education, ensuring a strong religious background. She took a vow of chastity, and worked for religious reform and evangelization through the empire.

When Theodosius took the throne, Pulcheria faded for a while into court life. She supported Pope Leo the Great regarding the Monophysite controversy, and when Theodosius married in 421, his wife convinced him to exile Pulcheria.

On the death of Theodosius, Pulcheria was recalled to be empress of the Byzantine Empire. She sponsored the Council of Chalcedon in 451, and supported the Church against the Nestorian and Eutychian heresies. Built churches, hospitals, hospices, and a university in the city of Constantinople.



  • July 453 of natural causes




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