Saint Protogenes of Syria

Also known as

  • Protogenes of Harran
  • Protogene…



Priest in Edessa. During the Arian persecutions of the Roman emperor Valens c.370, the Catholic bishop of Edessa, Barsete, was sent into exile, and Protogene and a priest named Eulogius took over leadership of the Christian community; the two were soon exiled to the Thebaid region of Egypt. There Protogene started a school and converted many of the local pagans to Christianity, some being brought to the faith by Protogene’s healing miracles.

In 378, emperor Valens died, and Protogene was able to return to Edessa, being recalled by emperor Theodosius. Bishop of Harran, Osroena, Mesopotamia (Carrhae, Syria) c.381.



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