Saint Prosper of Reggio

Pictorial Lives of the Saints illustration of Saint Prosper of AquitaineAlso known as

  • Prosper of Aquitaine
  • Prospero…
  • Prosperus…
  • Tiro…



A good student in his youth, especially of the work of Saint Augustine of Hippo; Prosper was known throughout his life for his holiness and purity. As an adult, Prosper moved from Aquitaine to Provence and settled near Marseilles, an area plagued with heresies. A layman, Prosper worked to increase these people’s understanding, and to educate them in their mistakes. He became widely known for his work converting heretics, sometimes leading pilgrimages to Rome, Italy so heretics could hear the truth staight from the Pope. Secretary to Pope Saint Leo the Great in 440; he used the position to spread truth and teach against heresy, fighting endlessly against semi-Pelagianism.



  • c.460 of natural causes