Saint Proclus of Constantinople

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Lector while still a student. Secretary to and spiritual student of Saint John Chrysostom. Priest. Chosen archbishop of Cyzicus, but the people of that city saw him as being under the control of Constantinople, and refused to accept him. Noted preacher in Constantinople. When Nestorius was chosen patriarch of Constantinople and began openly spreading the teachings that became known as the Nestorian heresy, Proclus continued to preach orthodox Christianity. Archbishop of Constantinople in 434. Friend and frequent correspondent with Saint Cyril of Alexandria. The Armenian bishops turned to him for analysis of the writings of other leaders. Noted for his forgiveness of heretics who wished to return to the Church, but his defense of and insistence on adherance to the true teachings of the Church. Many of his letters, sermons and teachings have survived. Hands-on leader of his clergy and minister to his flock following a destructive earthquake in early 447 that led many to live in open fields for fear of collapsing buildings; legend says that he led the people in prayers that stopped the quakes.




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A man full of piety, perfectly skilled in ecclesiastical discipline, and a strict observer of the canons. Saint Cyril of Alexandria on Saint Proclus

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