Saint Pharaïldis of Ghent

Saint Pharaildis of GhentAlso known as

  • Farahilde
  • Farailde
  • Pharaild
  • Pharailde
  • Pherailde
  • Vareide
  • Varelde
  • Veerhilde
  • Veerle
  • Verylde



Sister of Saint Gudule. Niece of Saint Gertrude of Nivelles. After making a private vow of virginity, Pharaïldis was forced into marriage with a wealthy nobleman. Her husband insisted that she was married to him, and her sexual fidelity was owed to him, not God. Physically abused for her refusal to submit to him, and for her late night visits to churches. When widowed, she was still a virgin. Legend says that Pharaildis caused a well to spring up whose waters cured sick children.



  • c.740 of natural causes




  • loaves of bread (refers to a legend where a rich woman, who would not share her bread with a beggar, said in front of PHaraildis that if there was any bread in the house, she hoped it would turn to stone; from then on, all the bread brought into that house turned to stones)
  • goose
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