Saint Peter Ou

Saint Peter OuAlso known as

  • Peter Wu Gousheng
  • Wu Gousheng
  • Wu Guosheng Petrus



Born to a non-Christian family. Known from his youth for his sense of justice, his quick defense of the poor and oppressed; his outspoken nature actually frightened people in his traditionalist region. A husband and self-made businessman, he owned and ran a large hotel. One of the first converts made by missionaries to his area. Naturally enthusiastic, Peter tossed out his household idols, and preached Christianity to anyone who came by. Lay leader of the converts in his district, he took the name Peter at baptism. Worked as a catechist for missionaries in Sichuan; instructed 600 people in Christianity. Arrested on 3 April 1814 during a violent backlash against the faith. Imprisoned and tortured to break him from his faith, he worked to inspire the faith in his fellow prisoners, and led prayer services in the cells. Condemned to death for refusing to step on a crucifix. One of the Martyrs of China.


  • 1768 at Longping in Guizhou Province, China




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Be loyal to the Lord, accept his will. – Saint Peter in a letter to his wife from prison

Heaven, heaven, my true home! I see my heavenly Mother and my guardian angel coming to take me home.– Saint Peter’s dying words

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