Saint Peter of Pappacarbone

Saint Peter of PappacarboneAlso known as

  • Peter of Cava
  • Peter of La Cava
  • Peter I of Cava



Born to the Salerno nobility; relative of Saint Alferius of La Cava. Benedictine monk at Cava, Italy while still a young man; his abbot was Saint Leo of La Cava. Lived for a while as a hermit, and then was assigned to Cluny Abbey from 1062 to 1068. Bishop of Policastro, Italy in 1079; after two years of service, he resigned the see and returned to Cava where he served as co-adjutor abbot with Saint Leo. He was chosen abbot and tried to introduce the Cluniac reform, but was so strict that he caused strife in the house. He withdrew from office for a while, and even formed a house in the Cilento region of Italy. However, he was later recalled to La Cava and served decades as abbot with a much more fatherly attitude. During his time he brought in over 3,000 monks who then went out to found other houses and spread the Faith.



  • 1123 of natural causes



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