Saint Peter Faber

Saint Peter FaberAlso known as

  • Apostle of Germany
  • Peter Fabre
  • Peter Favre
  • Petrus Faber
  • Pierre Favre
  • Pierre Lefevre



Born to a farm family, he was a shepherd in his youth. Taught catechism to other children. Entered Saint-Barbe College, Paris, France in 1525. Friend of Saint Francis Xavier and Saint Ignatius Loyola. Ordained in 1534. Joined Ignatius‘ early band of Jesuits on 15 August 1534. Assisted at the Diet of Worms in 1540. Assisted at the Diet of Ratisbon in 1541. Preached in Parma, Speyer, Mainz, Cologne, Savoy, Portugal, Lisbon and Valladolid, revitalizing the laity, reforming the clergy and opposing Lutheranism. Helped Saint Peter Canisius realize his vocation. Worked with Saint Francis Borgia. The pope planned to send him to the Council of Trent as theologian of the Holy See, and Pope John III wanted him to be the Patriarch of Ethiopia, but his health failed and he could not take either of these responsibilities. Had a great devotion to the angels. The diary of his travels and work has survived.





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