Saint Peter Crisci of Foligno

Saint Peter Crisci of FolignoAlso known as

  • Pietrillo



As a young man, Peter lived a wild, profane, and dissolute life. Around the age of thirty his parents died, he came into his inheritence, contemplated his parents’ deaths, and came to understand the emptiness of his life; Peter had a conversion experience, sold all that he had, gave it away to the poor. He even sold himself into slavery as an act of penance and to get more to give away, but his “owner” freed him. He became a penitent beggar, an urban hermit who devoted himself to the care and cleanliness of the cathedral in Foligno, Italy; he wore sack cloth, lived in its bell tower, and slept on the steps, open to the elements. He had a great dedication to the spirituality of Blessed Angela of Foligno and Saint Chiara of Montefalco. Made several barefoot pilgrimages to Rome and Assisi, Italy. He was so odd, so open about his penance, and attracted so much attention from the faithful that the Inquisition investigated him; they were particularly concerned with his habit of praying while staring at the sun; but they determined that his was an orthodox faith, just extreme in its penance. He is considered one of the “mad saints” or “holy idiots” or “fools for Christ”.





  • man dressed in sack cloth or rags in a posture of prayer while staring at the sun
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