Saint Peter Cho Hwa-so

Also known as

  • Peter Jo Hwa-seo
  • Peteuro….
  • Petrus….



Son of Andrew Cho, who was killed for his faith in 1839. Peter moved to Sinchang, Chungcheong where he assisted the work of Father Thomas Choe Yang-eop. He then moved to Jeonju to become a farmer in a remote mountain area. Married to Magdalene Han; they had one son, Saint Joseph Cho Yun-ho. A widower, Peter re-married, this time to Susanna Kim. He was a known as a happy man, a devout Catholic, and a man who listened carefully and offered good advice to people with troubles.

On 5 December 1866 Peter and his son were visiting some neighbours when the police broke in and arrested Peter for being Catholic; Peter was not aware that a state-sponsored persecution of Christians had begun. He tried to get Joseph to flee, but the boy would not leave his father. The two were imprisoned with other Catholics in Chonju. Peter encouraged his fellow prisoners not to give up on their faith; in return he was repeatedly tortured for the names of more Catholics and the locations of western writings. After a few futile days of the this, all of them were executed. Martyr.


  • 1815 in Suweon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea





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