Saint Pedro Bautista Blásquez y Blásquez

detail of a Saint Pedro Bautista Blásquez y Blásquez holy card, date and artist unknown; swiped from Santi e BeatiAlso known as

  • Peter Baptist Blasquez
  • Pietro Battista Blasquez



Born to the Castillian nobility, Pedro studied at the University of Salamanca and then joined the Franciscans in 1542. Ordained a priest, he taught philosophy and theology, and served as superior of several Franciscan communities. Feeling a call to missionary work, in 1580 he was sent to Mexico where he founded several communities, and then in 1583 he was dispatched to the Philippines.

In 1593, to replace the work of Jesuits who had been expelled from the country in 1590, he and five other friars were sent to Japan where they lived in poverty, cared for lepers, preached the faith, and built schools, churches, convents and hospitals. Father Pedro became known as a miracle worker.

A number of parties, including Buddhist bonzes, European traders, and anti-western Japanese, pushed for a government persecution of these missionaries. The emperor began to fear that missionaries were a prelude to invasion by the West, and ordered them all imprisoned. Arrested in different places, they were all transferred to Nagasaki where they were abused and executed. His last known act was praying for his persecutors. One of the Martyrs of Nagasaki.


  • 1542 in San Esteban del Valle, Avila, Castille (in modern Spain)





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