Saint Paulinus of Aquileia

Saint Paulinus of AquileiaAlso known as

  • Paulinus II



Raised on a farm, and broadly self educated, gaining a wide reputation for scholarship. Teacher. Invited courtier to Charlemagne begining in 774, he was named “royal master of grammar”. He served at court for over a decade and became a favorite of the emperor. Poet. Reluctant Patriarch of Aquileia in northern Italy in 787. He attended all the great councils convoked during his time, and well known as a defender of the faith against heretics. Fought the heresy of Adoptionism, and convoked a synod to combat several heresies that denied Christ’s Divine nature; two surviving works attributed to him combat this heresy. He dispatched and supported missionaries to pagan territories, and ordered them not to force conversions, or baptize those ignorant of the Faith or who thought it was some type of magic. Noted preacher in the area of Styria and Crinthia.


  • c.726 Premariacco near Cividale, Italy



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