Saint Paulina do Coração Agonizante de Jesus

Saint Paulina do Coração Agonizante de JesusAlso known as

  • Amabile Lucia Visintainer
  • Pauline of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus
  • Pauline Visintainer



The daughter of Antonio Napoleone Visintainer and Anna Pianezzer, she was born to a poor but pious family. In September 1875 her family, along with 100 other folks, about a fifth of her home town, emigrated from Italy to the state of Saint Catherine in Brazil to seek a better life. There the Italian emigres founded the village of Vigolo (modern Nova Trento). She received First Communion about age twelve. In her early teens, Amabile began teaching children catechism, visited the sick, and cleaned the church.

On 12 July 1890 Amabile and her friend Virginia Rosa Nicolodi were caring for a woman suffering from cancer. From them and their work began the Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, approved by José de Camargo Barros, bishop of Curitiba. They and Teresa Anna Maule took their religious vows in December 1890; Amabile took the name Sister Pauline of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus. Their congregation grew quickly, and in 1903 Mother Pauline was elected Superior General for life. Even with her new responsibilities, she left Nova Trento in late 1903 for Saõ Paulo to work with orphans, the children of slaves, and aged slaves who had been left to die because they could no longer work.

In 1909 she was relieved of her duties as Superior General by Duarte Leopoldo e Silva, Archbishop of Saõ Paulo following a series of disputes within the congregation. She was sent to work with the sick and aged at the Hospice of Saint Vincent de Paul at Bragança Paulista. She spent her spare time in prayer in support of the Congregation. In 1918 she was recalled to the Congregation‘s motherhouse of Ipiranga. She lived there for over 20 years, caring for sick sisters, praying, and living away from the world. In 1938 her health began a long, slow decline as she fought a losing battle with diabetes.

The Congregation continues its work today in Argentina, Chile, Nicaragua, Chad, Zambia, Mozambique and Italy. They combine interior spirituality with service to those in need, drawing strength from devotion to the Eucharist, the Immaculate Virgin, and Saint Joseph. She is the first Brazilian citizen to be canonized.







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Saint Pauline, you have suffered much in your life, blind with Diabetes. In heaven, you can see clearly now. The Love of God and the sick enabled you to endure tragedy; your example will forever be our vision. Saint Pauline, ask God to give me the strength to sustain this illness, and to allow my body to produce energy needed to function. I ask your loving intercession to control my blood sugar and other risk factors so my body will live and I may live to help others. (Add your own intentions.) Saint Pauline, intercede to Our Savior to help the newly diagnosed Diabetics throughout the world so they may have medical and Divine intervention. Healing Heart of Jesus, cleanse us from all sin to be Reborn in Faith, Hope and Eternal Love. Amen. – Prayer to Saint Pauline Visintainer, from a Saint Pauline holy card from the Saint Pauline Visintainer Center; printed with the ecclesiastical permission of the Diocese of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Be humble. Trust always and a great deal in divine Providence; never never must you let yourselves be discouraged, despite contrary winds. I say it again: trust in God and Mary Immaculate; be faithful and forge ahead! Saint Paulina

The presence of God is so intimate to me that it seems impossible for me to lose it; and such presence gives my soul a joy which I can not describe. Saint Paulina

God‘s will be done. Saint Paulina’s dying words

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