Saint Paschasius Radbertus

Saint Paschasius RadbertusAlso known as

  • Radbertus
  • Paschasius Radbert



A foundling whose background is completely unknown. Raised by monks after being found by nuns on the steps of Notre Dame of Soissons. Unruly in his youth, even with the brothers. Benedictine monk under Saint Adalard of Corbie. Deacon. Teacher. Moved to Corbie Abbey in 822, and helped make its school at one of the most famous places of learning in its day. Spiritual teacher of Saint Ansgar. Paschasius travelled Europe, speaking at councils, negotiating political and religious conflicts.

Against his will he was elected abbot of the Corbie in 844. During undescribed trouble in the monastery in 851, he resigned his position to settle the dispute. He retired as a hermit to the Saint Riquiet monastery in Cenula where he spent the rest of his life writing on history, philosophy, and theology. His The Body and Blood of Christ started the first controversy on the Eucharist, and cleared the way for a precise understanding of Transubstantiation.




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