Saint Ouen of Rouen

Saint Ouen of RouenAlso known as

  • Aldwin
  • Audaenus
  • Audeon
  • Audoeno
  • Audoen
  • Audoenus
  • Audoin
  • Dado
  • Dadon
  • Owen



Son of Aiga Saint Authaire of La-Ferté. Acquainted with Saint Columbanus, Saint Faro of Meaux, and Saint Aile. Educated at Saint Medard abbey. Served in the courts of King Clotaire II, King Dagobert I, and King Clovis II. Chancellor to Dagobert and Clovis. Friend of Saint Wandrille, Saint Romanus of Rouen, Saint Didier, and Saint Sulpicius Pius; teacher of Saint Philibert of Jumièges. Though a layman, he founded a monastery at Rebaisin the forest of Brie in 636 on land donated by Dagobert; he wanted to retire to it, but Dagobert would not relieve him on his responsibilities. Priest. Archbishop of Rouen, France in 641. Convoked the Synod of Chalons in 644 to fight against simony, a battle he had started as a layman. Friend, confrere, and biographer of Saint Eligius. Advisor to Queen Saint Bathild. Brokered a peace between Neustria and Austrasia for King Thierry III. Known for his personal austerities and support of many charities, he founded several monasteries in his diocese, and sent missionaries to the pagans in his see.





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