Saint Oswine of Deira

icon of Saint Oswine of Deira, date and artist unknownAlso known as

  • Osuine
  • Oswin



Born a prince, the son of King Osric of Deira in Britain. Educated by Saint Aidan. Succeeded Saint Oswald of Northumbria as king of Deira in 642. Saint Bede describes him as “most generous to all men and above all things humble; tall of stature and of graceful bearing, with pleasant manner and engaging address.” While his reign was one of peace and order, there was constant political wrangling with his cousin Oswy who desired the throne and eventually had him murdered.




  • betrayal victims (his location was betrayed to his murders by a one of his supposedly loyal nobles)


Courtesy and humility shone from thee, O radiant Martyr Oswin. Trained by Saint Aidan as a Christian ruler, thou didst illumine northern Britain. Glory to Him Who has strengthened thee; glory to Him Who has crowned thee; glory to Him Who through thee works healings for all. – troparion of Saint Oswine

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