Saint Osith

Saint OsithAlso known as

  • Osyth
  • Osgyth
  • Othith
  • Ositha
  • Sythe



Born a princess, the daughter of Frewald, a Merclan prince of the Hwiccan tribe. Niece to Editha, to whom belonged the town and manor of Ailesbury, and who raised Osith. Educated at the convent school at Aylesbury. Though she was drawn to religious life, Osith was married young to Sighere, king of the East Angles. After giving birth to Offa, who became king of the Angles, Osith became celibate with her husband’s consent. He gave her the manor at Chick, which became a monastery under her rule. Killed by Danish invaders for supporting area Christians. Martyr.


  • at Quarendon, Buckinghamshire, England




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