Saint Onuphrius

painting of Saint Onophrius; 1637 by Jusepe de Riberta; The Hermitage, Saint Petersburg, RussiaAlso known as

  • Onuphrius of Egypt
  • Onuphrius the Great
  • Humphrey…
  • Onofre…
  • Onofrio…
  • Onophry…
  • Onouphrius…



Hermit for 70 years in the desert near Thebais, Upper Egypt. He sought to imitate the solitude and privations of Saint John the Baptist, and lived on the the fruits of a date tree and a palm-tree that grew near his cell. Popular in the Middle Ages, initially with monks and then in general, he became associated with weavers because he was depicted “dressed only in his own abundant hair, and a loin-cloth of leaves”.


  • c.400
  • buried by Saint Paphnutius who had come to him to learn if the hermit‘s life was for him
  • Paphnutius buried Onuphrius in a hole in the mountainside; the hole immediately disappeared




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