Saint Nuntius Sulprizio

Saint Nuntius SulprizioAlso known as

  • Nunzio Sulperio
  • Nunzio Sulprizio



Son of Domenico Sulprizio and Rosa Luciani, Nunzio was named after his grandfather and baptized when only a few hours old. Nunzio’s father died on 16 May 1820 when the boy was only three years old, his little sister died in 1822, and his new step-father treated the boy as a contemptible burden. Young Nunzio received his basic education at a school run by a priest, and became a pious child, attending Mass as often as possible, and using the saints as a guide to life. When he was old enough, his uncle Domenico Luciani took Nunzio as an apprentice blacksmith, and then neglected him, abused him, overworked him, beat him, and after bringing home supplies on a winter morning in 1831, the boy collapsed with a fever and found he could no longer stand; an untreated injury to his leg had become gangrenous. He was hospitalized in L’Aquila and Naples in Italy; when he was at home, and could find a place where people would not run him off due to his open sores, he would sit in a stream to let the flowing water clean his wound, and pray his rosary. Through his paternal uncle, Francesco Sulprizio, a career soldier, Nunzio became friends with Colonel Felice Wochinger in 1832; the colonel became a surrogate father and paid for Nunzio’s medical care. The boy met and impressed Saint Gaetano Errico, who said he would be welcome in the Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary when he was old enough. Nunzio went through several periods of improvement and several of setbacks before his injuries finally ended his life. He was known as a gentle, chaste, patient, and pious youth in a place and time when such a man was rare.







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