New Catholic Dictionary – Saint Noel Chabanel


Martyr; born in southern France in 1613; died near Saint Jean, Canada in 1649. He entered the Society of Jesus at 17 and taught in various Jesuit colleges. From 1643 until death, he labored among the Huron Indians in Canada. Although inspired by a deep religious vocation to convert these Indians, Father Chabanel found life among them extremely arduous. In spite of the difficulty of learning the language, of overcoming his natural repulsion for the savages, and of adjusting himself to the mode of life, he persisted and even bound himself by a sacred vow to remain with them until death. Little is certain concerning the nature of his death. According to Father Ragueneau, he was killed by Louis Honareenhax, a member of the tribe who had apostatized from the faith, and who later confessed his guilt. Beatified in 1925; canonized in 1930.

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