Saint Nilus the Younger

detail of a portrait of Saint Nilus the Younger, Sanctuary of San Nicodemo, Mammola, Italy; artist unknown; photographed on 17 May 2007 by GJo; swiped off WikipediaAlso known as

  • Nilus of Calabria
  • Nilus of Rossano
  • Nilo….



Son of Greek immigrants to Italy. He led a wild and mis-spent youth, eventually finding work as a treasury official. Believed to have been married, and certainly the father of one daughter. In quick succession, his wife died, his daughter died, and Nilus suffered a life-threatening illness; all this at the age of 30 led to a conversion, and his life’s work proved it was a true conversion. Basilian monk at the abbey of Saint Adrian in Calabria, Italy. Fluent in Greek and Latin. Hymnographer. Lived sometimes as a hermit, and sometimes he travelled from one monastery to another. Supported Pope Gregory V when he was driven out of Rome, then opposed him when Gregory and Emperor Otto III when they used excessive force against the forces of the anti-pope. Abbot of Saint Adrian. In 981 the invading Saracens drove the monks into exile at Vellelucio. On his deathbed, Nilus proclaimed Vellelucio to be the new home city for the abbey, and the house of Grottaferrata has been there since. Spiritual teacher of Saint Bartholomew of Rossano and Blessed Theodora of Rossano.




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