Saint Nicolaas Pieck

Also known as

  • Claes Pieck
  • Nicholas Pick
  • Nicholas Pieck



Son of John Pieck and Henriea Clavia, a pious Catholic family with a long history. Educated at Bois-le-Duc, Netherlands. Joined the Franciscan Friars Minor at Bois-le-Duc. Studied at Louvain, Belgium where he was ordained in 1558. He evangelized throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, preaching against heresy, encouraging Catholics to stand by their faith. Known as a friendly, open, happy, modest man, endlessly working to bring people to God. Appointed guardian of a convent in Gorkum where he preached against Calvinism and in support of the Real Presence in the Eucharist.

When the citadel of Gorkum was seized by the Watergeuzen, the Calvinists imprisoned the priests and religious. They tortured Nicholas by hanging and burning him with a torch. He and his fellow prisoners were offered their freedom if they would renounce the authority of Rome; they declined. One of the Gorkum Martyrs.






We must always serve God with cheerfulness. Saint Nicolaas

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