Saint Nicetius of Trier

detail of a 10th century icon of Saint Nicetius of TrierAlso known as

  • Nicetus
  • Nizier
  • Niketius



Born to a Gallo-Roman family, he was a religious youth. Monk at Limoges. Abbot. Knew and was highly thought of by King Theodoric I. Bishop of Trier, Gaul (part of modern Germany) in 532. A reformer and revitalizer, Nicetius rebuilt the cathedral and worked to bring back love of the faith in an area that was indifferently Christian. He travelled his diocese, preaching daily and speaking out against low morals of both commoners and aristocracy. Excommunicated King Clotaire I for the king‘s immorality; Clotaire exiled him. Attended the synods of Clermont in 535 and 549, Orleans in 549, Toul in 550, and Paris in 555. Reformed the clergy in his see, restoring discipline and stamping out clerical vice. Fought heresy, especially Monophysitism.




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