Saint Nectarius of Auvergne

detail of a photograph of a pillar capital in the Benedictine priory of St-Nectaire; shows Saint Nectarius being raised on Judgment Day by Saint Peter the Apostle; swiped off the Heiligen 3s web siteAlso known as

  • Nectarius of Limagne
  • Nectarius of Senneterre
  • Nectarius of St-Nectaire
  • Nectaire of….
  • Necterius of….



Missionary sent by Pope Saint Fabian to take the faith into Gaul in the 3rd century, centering his work around the modern Auvergne, France. Worked with Saint Austremonius, Saint Gatianus of Tours, Saint Trophimus of Arles, Saint Paul of Narbonne, Saint Martial of Limoges, Saint Dionysius of Paris, Saint Baudimius, Saint Auditor of Saint-Nectaire and Saint Saturninus of Toulouse; may have been related to Baudimus and/or Auditor. Turned a pagan temple into the new Christian church. Martyr.


  • murdered by the pagan chieftain Bradulus
  • the Benedictine priory of St-Nectaire, France was built over his grave
  • the small town of Saint-Nectaire, Puy-de-Dôme grew up around it, giving it’s name to a world famous cheese



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