Saint Nebridius of Ègara

detail of an mosaic of Saint Nebridi of Ègara; date and artist unknown; Rectory of the church of Sant Pere, Terrassa, Catalonia, Spain; photographed on 13 August 2010 by Enfo; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Nebridi
  • Nebridio



Brother of Saint Justus of Urgell, Saint Elpidius of Huesca and Saint Justinian of Valencia. Bible scholar and commentator. Benedictine monk. Priest. Attended the Council of Tarragona in 516, the Council of Girona in 517, the 2nd Council of Toledo in 527, and probably the Council of Barcelona in 540. Bishop of Egara, Spain from 516 to 527. Bishop of Barcelona, Spain from 540 to c.545.




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