Saint Myron the Wonder Worker

Also known as

  • Myron of Crete



Layman farmer and family man as a young adult, and known for his charity. Once a band of thieves broken in on him when he was threshing grain. Myron decided that if they were so hard up for food that they had to resort to robbery, they were poor indeed; he gave them all he could, and helped them load it up. They were so shamed and impressed by his charity that soon they had all converted. Chosen presbyter of Raucia, Crete. Known for his charity and as a miracle worker. Once when the River Triton was at flood stage, Myron caused it to become solid. He walked across it in order to finish his business with his parishioners. As an afterthought he sent a man back to the river to touch it with his staff so it would flow again.



  • 350 of natural causes


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